In the biggest casting couch oops coup of the day, veteran kisser Emraan Hashmi has been shortlisted to play the role of ex-cricketer Azharuddin in a film based on the latter’s life.

The film to be produced by the Ekta Kapoor camp promises to be full of thrills and frills just like its ‘K’ serials on a ‘Test’ level and not one of those 20-20 games that Emraan is accustomed to playing in his films.

It is now to be seen how Emraan who is known for his fiery on screen stunts manages to tame his wild side to seduce the willow and the balls in no particular order.Azharuddin has been a charismatic figure during his playing days both on field and behind the field where he often unpadded, secretly dated an actress in his hey days.  Now that the actress has passed into oblivion, the player that he was and is, Azhar has decided to move on to greener political pastures far from the dusty tracks of the cricketing field.

However, Azharuddin made his displeasure felt with Ektaji over the choice of Emraan to play him. He had always favoured the younger, dapper, dashing and hard hitting Saif Babu to take over his reins on the cricketing field. After all, Saif too is a master of playing the sweep shot – he literally swept Bebo off the Bollywood field and in his life (poor girl’s filmi career is literally back in the pavilion). More over, both Azhar and Saif have been married twice and hence share some additional qualities.

To get even with Ekta, Azharuddin has decided that he’ll feature in the next installment of Murder.Pushing his political career on the backburner, the ex-cricketer has been secretly reading up books by Vatsyayana and has hit the gym to gets his lips in shape for the big role .

The lead actress to star opposite Azhar is yet to be decided but speculations are rife that it will feature a debutant actress from the sports field. Azhar is keen to fight Emraan’s hot jyoti image with his own jwala makeover. And for that the search is on for the right girl who’ll stand up to him. And he’s making sure he leaves no clothes unturned to make his debut film a huge hit.

At the time of going to pitch, Ekta wasn’t available for comments. But Azhar’s change of guard definitely spells good tidings for other ex-cricketers who are resigned to playing support staff off the field. Now they too can look at Bollywood for a new career just like our very own Sandeep Patil in a leather skirt in the now defunct Kabhi Ajnabi The.