Germany was loosing the war as the allies kept drawing closer to the German camps. But this woman just prayed for her unborn baby in her womb as she dodged both the German army and its enemies who were out to snub the lives of the Reich and his men.

She tried hard to forget her husband who had sacrificed himself so that she could live, so that their child could live as she maneuvered the treacherous paths in this ghostly German town. She had hardly been married 48 hours and already she was a widow. Countless lives have been lost in this battle for dominance and she was going to ensure she and her child in her womb just about conceived, wouldn’t be counted among the dead, at least not for now. They had to live to celebrate the sacrifice her husband had endured.

Finally, she stumbled upon a small house in the open field and rushed towards it even as sounds of artillery whispered softly in her ears from a distance.
A kindly woman in her early 40s opened the door to find her exhausted with all the running she had been doing last few hours in the dead of the night. She knew her life was still in danger but she had to trust this woman. She wasn’t sure what her background was. But the elderly woman’s smile said she was a human being and the young woman knew she could trust him.
The elderly woman welcomed her in the house and fed her. Her husband had been killed by the soldiers and she just had her two kids in her life. She was grateful that the war was about to end and there was hope of a new beginning for her and her kids.
The young woman felt pain in her heart. Their lives were so intertwined and so eerily similar. And then came the one question she was dreading as the elderly woman gently asked her, “What is your name dear?”
Hesitantly, she looked back in the warm eyes of her saviour and remembered the woman who had taken her place by the side of her late husband to mislead his enemies. With qualm, she replied softly, ‘Eva…”