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It seems the yagna organized by Baba Phuntuk Bangali and host of other Babas have borne fruit. The yagna coupled with the prayers of crores of Indians has finally been answered and finally we’ll see the return of the Small Maestro on the cricketing pitch sooner than expected.

Sachin announcing comeback

Cricket ace little master Sachin Tendulkar who had retired from all forms of the game whether big or small, long or short, is being forced to cut short his retirement plans and make a come back to his 20-20 cricket team Mumbai Indians which has taken a vicious battering in the ongoing IPL season.

With 3 consecutive defeats, the team management has been left in a bit of a spot ruing the fact that currently they have Sachin as a Mentor and not as a player in the current series.

If the last IPL season had seen the team emerge victorious, this season so far has seen the team literally at the bottom of the rung where the points are concerned. More than the fact that they’e failed to retain one of the most destructive batsman in this year’s edition – Glenn Maxwell, the team management must also rue the fact that they let go off Sachin as a player and instead opted to have him as a Mentor – a role that holds no water as has been evident with the 3 losses.

However, Kings XI Punjab and other teams are not looking too much into this as the next IPL is still a year away and by then they’ll have a plan in place for Tendulkar who cannot play in the current scene due to the game regulations.

While most critics will be ruing the return of Tendulkar to the playing arena, the maestro will redefine the sports as a game to be played by all generations and not just the younger lot.

But one group of people has made a beeline to the temples themselves to offer their prayers to the gods – the housewives who are cursing the sudden change of events. After all their saas-bahu serials will be lost in the melee of the IPL games. Hey they will over prayers and hold yagnas to appease the gods to change Tendulkar’s mind and refrain him from playing in the future IPL series.

On Tendulkar’s return to his team as a player, Sr. Ambani said, “We at MI are mighty pleased to have Sr. Tendulkar back as a player. He still has a few years left in him to play the game. In fact, we are waiting for the day when his son will share the dressing room with him and that will be one historic day for all of us at MI and the country at large.”

Tendulkar on his possible return to MI said, “I’ll do what the big boss says, ailaa! not Sallu Bhai but Ambani Sir. Sadly this year his birthday was celebrated with a loss. But then I wasn’t playing. Hopefully, next year we’ll celebrate his birthday with a win… in fact all his future birthdays will be celebrated with MI wins with me at the helm.”

(First appeared on fakingnews.com)