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Yes, Nirma company that manufactures the now famous Nirma detergent powders, soaps, cosmetics etc. has decided to sue the parliament and four of its Rajya Sabha members over the copyright infringement of its trademark signature jingle “Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Shushma… sabki pasand Nirma.”

In an open letter to the media, Nirma has claimed that the parliament has violated the intellectual property act by appointing the four ladies – Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Shushma to the Rajya Sabha and spinning a new slogan, “Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Shushma… sabki pasand Rajya Sabha”, a complete rehash of their signature jingle.

Taking cognition of this grave copyright violation, a Nirma spokesperson Mr. Dhole said that they will be taking the legal route and demand an ouster of these four ladies as they completely violate the Nirma’s model of conduct. It will also demand from the IT minister to completely wipe out the new jingle from the face of the internet and if needed will provide free Nirma powder to fulfill this task so that no stains of the new jingle is left behind. Sab daag achche nahi hote!

Many would remember that sometime back, Murphy Enterprises the makers of Murphy Radio had protested against the makers of the film ‘Barfi!’ for blatantly using their brand name in the film. It’s another matter altogether, that like Barfi, the lead character in the film, Murphy Radio too has gone silent over the last few decades.

However, the four parliamentarians are not taking Nirma’s threat lightly. Firmly believing in Murphy’s Law that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, the four women were seen huddled together discussing the way forward through this soapy slippery mess. It’s no secret that apart from Sushma, the other women have no alternate career options left.

Leaving their individual Silsilas aside, Rekha and Jaya seems to have hit on a novel idea to feature in the sequel of the famous Nirma ad of the 80s pro bono or if Nirma agrees, to a lifetime supply of free washing powder. Sushma too has decided to join the bandwagon and last heard she was in talks with Hema for some dancing lessons to keep up with Rekha and Jaya. Hema on her part is first keen on purifying her hurt soul by taking a bath with the Kent purified water before she takes a decision to shake a leg or two in the ad.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary committee is mulling its next course of action. While Shushma is not a serious issue, they are worried about three glamourous women – Hema, Rekha & Jaya making an informal exit from the parliament. After all a little glamour in their lives only raises the happy quotient.

On the other note, in a sting operation, we caught the young Nirma pack girl showing her dissent at the idea of the four elderly women being a part of the sequel and stealing all the limelight. She made it clear that in most probability, she will disappear from the face of the Nirma pack and burst the soapy bubbles of the faded actresses from realizing their dreams of making a comeback to Bollywood through the Nirma ad sequel.