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This year, Mumbai and the country at large are witnessing the wrath of the so called phenomenon global warming. The temperature has been pretty high in the city ever since summer set in and the commercial capital of the country has been reeking of sweat, grime and what not.


And no amount of deodorants and perfumes are helping the cause any further. Add to it the flaying temperatures of the political parties in the current scenario, the situation looks grimmer than expected.

One needs to just travel in the Mumbai local train or the BEST bus during peak hours to understand the gravity of global warming where humans are just about adding to the woes by releasing precious gas to unsuspecting fellow commuters.

The state government in keeping in mind the aftermath of such global warming situations, have reasons to believe that sooner than later, Mumbai will loose the commercial capital tag to some other city and all the perks that come with it. This has forced the babus to huddle together to find a solution to this menacing problem but in their own way so that they don’t loose the blessings of the hen that lays the golden eggs.

Hence the powers that be by keeping the next general elections in mind, have decided to invite tenders from interested parties to completely air condition the island city so that at any given point around the year, the city will be cool and free of any global warming. People from all walks of life whether it’s the Ambanis or the street dweller, everyone will enjoy the luxury of sleeping in an air-conditioned environment. Moreover, once the city gets its dome in place, it would more or less look like the domed martian city from the Hollywood flick – Total Recall.

With an air-conditioned island city, the country also hopes to gain access to the Guiness Book of World Records by being the first futuristic city on this planet to be completely air-conditioned. It also aspires to attract aliens from other planets with the hope of utilizing their artificial intelligence for the better of mankind.

The now defunct Arthur Anderson India, a major consultancy firm has been entrusted to conduct a feasibility study and whether the impact of global cooling will increase the productivity of the people of Mumbai or not.

While cynics believe that installing the grand air-conditioned dome over the city will only add to the problems of jostling and ever increasing population with more and more migrants from the warmer belts of the country moving to the island city, leading political parties have welcomed the move as more people in the city means more votes and more votes mean more power and more power means more money in their Swiss bank accounts.

Some economists argue that with the layman getting the benefits of a cool air-conditioned life, their overall professional life might get affected and productivity will go for a long walk.

Meanwhile the common men and those who make the footpaths their homes night after night are looking forward to living their lives in sheer luxury. At least they’ll have some thing in common with the Ambanis and the Tatas and the Birlas.

The new air-condition installation with an estimated budget of Rs.2,99,99,99,999 crore will be completed by year 2030 if everything goes as planned. There is a possibility of the project getting delayed by another decade or so and the cost doubling keeping in mind the future inflations that has been secretly projected in the budget.

Elsewhere, major international and domestic airlines are planning to seek a meeting with the government to defer their plans to set up the dome as it will mean a direct hit to their airline business.

Hailing the decision, US President Obama congratulated the people of Mumbai on laying an example of luxury living though secretly he swore to himself that it should have been the United Status to lead the way for such a futuristic city.

(First appeared on fakingnews.com)