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In an impromptu press conference outside his residence at Bandra, a visibly emotional Sanjay Dutt told the media gathered that he won’t seek pardon from spending time behind bars under the Arms Act.

It must be noted that Sanjay Dutt was arrested in 1993 under the TADA for possession of illegal weapons. The weapons were a part of a bigger arms consignment which was later used in the serial blasts in Mumbai which had rocked the nation. However, the court acquitted him under the TADA and rebooked him under the Arms Act. He was awarded a 5-year reduced sentence of which he has already spend 18 months behind bars.

The Supreme Court has given Dutt a month’s notice to surrender to the police.

A distraught Dutt told the media, “I have not applied for a pardon. The Supreme Court has given me time and I will surrender at the right time. I have a lot of work to finish. I have to spend all this time with my family.” He also added that he has no intention to appeal for pardon as he feels that there are others who deserve a pardon more than him.

While there are others including his Bollywood counterparts who are seeing pardon on his part, Dutt is clear that he’s going to go back to prison by the time his one month period is over. For now whatever days he’s got in his hand, he’s using it to complete his pending assignments as well as spend some time with his family. Currently, he has four films in various stages of completion.

Dutt’s live had always been a roller coaster ride since he made his debut with Rocky in 1981. Those were the days when he was embroiled in the drug abuse scandal. But the man fought the demon in him and gave up on his drugs after going through rehabilitation soon after his mother late actress Nargis’ death that very year.

He married actress Richa Sharma in 1987  through whom he has a daughter Trishala. Richa however passed away in 1996 due to brain tumour and in 1998, he married model Rhea Pillai but the marriage didn’t last long. And in 2008, he married his long time girlfriend Manyata and has twins – Iqra and Shahraan.

At a time when the little kids need their father to be holding their hands, Dutt will not be around for the next 3 and half years and yet Dutt strongly feels that he doesn’t deserve the pardon. That speaks a volume of the man himself!