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Kya Super Fool Hai Hum!!! Yes, that’s what I feel like for taking time out to watch this mindless film that labels itself as a sex comedy. ‘Butt’ then, I should have left my brains behind considering it was the sequel to Kya Cool Hai Hum!

KSKHH is a rehashed celluloid version of the countless dirty jokes and double meaning entendres that we had been boarded with during our growing years. And with the film borrowing heavily from various other films and characters like that of a man in coma dancing to the music (ala Shakti Kapoor from Nehle Pe Dehla) and a guy who has lisp problem, this is one story which sounds way too stale.

Adi (Tushar Kapoor) is a struggling actor who does odd tele shopping commercials to sustain himself. Sid (Ritesh Deshmukh) is a struggling DJ who always ends on the wrong side of the party. However, his saving grace is his Pug ‘Fakhru’ who is the ‘Vicky Donor’ of this film and makes decent money for his master. Add in Neha Sharma as Simran and Adi’s love interest and Sarah-Jane Dias as Anu who acts as lesbian lover of Simran to ward off Adi’s pursuit of Simran. Adi is sure that Simran is the soulmate of his life and pursues her to Goa. There we are introduced to the crazy father of Anu – Anupam Kher as Mr. Marlow who under the influence of Baba 3G (Chunkey Pandey) believes a female pug is the reincarnation of his late mother and Fakhru is the reincarnation of his late father. And then… well that seemed to be the story.

In this mindless comedy filled with explicits that cover up for bad jokes or vice versa whichever way you take it, it’s purely Ritesh and Tushar who make it work with their comic timings. Sachin Yardi’s writing borrows heavily from various sources and it’s purely few lines in the film that evoke laughter. Two of the best lines to say has to be the opening line where a voice over describes Adi’s career as ‘Rahu has made a Rahul Roy of his career.’ The other being Anupam Kher’s mother’s name being ‘Rose Mary Marlow’. Say it and you get the point. Luckily, the film might just about get away with this. Also Simran’s meeting with her would be suitor where she talks with a double meaning brings about a bit of a chuckle from you.

Overall, the film doesn’t offer anything new and just about appears to be an extension of the first installment. A couple of songs (‘Dil Garden Garden’ and ‘UP Bihar Lootne’) are fun and naughty. Visually, the film looks colourful and good and Sachin Yardi has just about done a decent job with his direction. Arif Shaikh too has done a decent job editing this mindless comedy that despite its flaws stands a good chance at the box office again thanks to its tag ‘sex comedy’ where other than dogs copulating behind a censored board, there is nothing else to be seen. Thanks to its ‘different’ marketing approach this movie will make it a good run. If you have been seeing its full page ads in the newspapers, you’ll get to know how it’s different. If only the writing was more stronger, it would have been better.