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Jism 2 – Death of a Porn Star

Yes, this movie is all about killing the past life of the latest entrant to Bollywood – Sunny Leonne. But it seems the film has failed in its mission or almost. How the audience receives this girl is to be seen. On the brighter side, Sunny as Izna in the film didn’t disappoint the front benchers with the oomph factor though the audience wouldn’t get the ticket’s worth of Sunny Leone who has just about showed a dose of cleavage show and less of the sex act. Let’s leave that for future sequels. Maybe by 2050 when Jism 16 releases, our society and the censor board will be lenient enough to accept full fledged adult films.

The story goes thus one night Izna is paid a visit by Ayaan (Arunodoy Singh) who masquerades as a customer, beds Izna and the next morning discloses that he’s an intelligence officer in the real sense. Hmmm one night stand to recruit an agent? He seeks her help to save the country by asking her to get back to her ex-lover Kabir (Randeep Hooda) who’s now a master assassin. Why he dumped her in the first place is so confusing considering both were serious in love with each other. So from scene one, we know we are in for your run-of-the-mill triangle love story which gets somewhat complicated as the story progresses when Ayaan too falls in love with a porn star-turned-agent of the government. But the big question in the first place is, is Izna a porn star or a prostitute as this role is not clearly defined. You decide for yourself.

Despite the basic premise of the story looking promising, the screenplay and the dialogues are a big big let down. The story weakens as it progresses and the actors simple make it worse by hamming in a few scenes.  How else can you explain the scene where Izna simple walks to the house of her ex-lover and dreaded assassin so calmly, rings the door bell and Kabir opens the door and then slams the door close on  her face… no surprise element on their faces at all despite them meeting after six years! How childish of you Kabir!

If this film appears to be Sunny’s big ticket to Bollywood, the film’s run at the box office might help to sustain that. There is nothing of erotica in the film and the censor board’s ‘A’ certificate also doesn’t help the film reach a wider audience. Acting wise, Sunny has done a decent about job as an actress though most of the time she had to do bosom heaving an art she must have mastered from her previous profession. Arunadoy who gave a jhakas performance in ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ almost sleepwalks through the film. Randeep Hooda is good with his performance. He has really matured as an actor in the last few films. For the guys, there is ample but constrained (depends on your take) skin show where Sunny Leonne is concerned but girls too can flock to see two handsome hunks with chiseled bodies baring it all ala Salman Khan in the film.

On the plus side, the film is beautifully shot and Sri Lanka never looked so good before… I guess Bollywood never really bothered to explore Sri Lanka to that extent. Camera work by Nigham Bomzan is a visual delight and Pooja Bhatt’s direction also is a tad better.  The songs are melodious and debutant musician Arko P. Mukherjee has done a brilliant job.

But don’t expect an explosive erotic thriller. Jism 2 is everything but that. So let’s see if it marks the death of a porn star…