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Barfi’ in all its glory looks like a tribute to the famous tramp whom we all know as Charlie Chaplin.  The man who set the definition of  ‘comedy’. With the antics of Ranbir Kapoor’s character Chaplinisque, I am sure the audience will be keen to see the whole film when it releases.

After making the disastrous kati patang ‘Kites’ starring Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori, Anurag Basu looks like he’s having a winner on his hand with ‘Barfi’. A sumptuous and sweet offering for the audience to make up for the lost kati patang.

Illeana D’cruz who makes her debut with this film looks promising though one can’t really gauge her full potential with this trailer. However, her presence is not lost in the midst of two lead and acclaimed actors of Bollywood.

Priyanka Chopra no doubt is going to make her mark once again with her innocent smiles and her role of an autistic girl. She looks charming despite playing a mentally challenged character in the film.

Ranbir Kapoor who reinvented himself in the critically and commercially acclaimed ‘Rockstar’ will be the man to watch out for in ‘Barfi’. Here he plays a deaf and mute character and it’s good to see the sizzling chemistry between the three lead characters.

Visually, the film looks stunning and the Director with its DOP Ravi Varma has beautifully captured the finer nuances of the films including all those small gestures of those characters.

The story or what we can make out from this trailer looks refreshingly ‘different’ and entertaining and am seriously hoping it doesn’t follow the Kamal Hassan and Sri Devi starrer ‘Sadma’ path with a poignant ending. Or for that matter the ‘Koshish’s (Sanjeev Kumar/Jaya Bhaduri starrer) footstep.

It’s now wait and watch for the film to release. Will it be Ranbir’s show all the way? Will it be Priyanka’s prowess? Or will it be the south import Illeana who’ll make the most of the sweet offering ‘Barfi’?

Release Date: 14th September 2012