After Apne in 2007, the Deols are back again to entertain the audience with there crazy buffoonery act in Yamla Pagla Deewana. However, YPD is to Apne what chalk is to cheese – two contrasting films. If Apne was about sports and family drama, YPD is about an estranged father Dharam Singh Dhillon who along with his younger son Gajodhar form a formidable team of conmen in Benaras. Sunny plays Dharam’s elder son Paramveer who along with his mother had moved to Canada years ago when still a kid. It was his father who had walked out of their lives and had taken the little Gajodhar along with him along only to rear him up as a con artist and partner in crime ala Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri.

Sunny now a banker in Canada lives with his firangi wife Mary and two kids along with his aged mother. He comes to know that his father’s been spotted in Benaras and he lands there to take them back home. It’s sheer coincidence that soon after his landing in Benaras, he bumps into Gajodhar who cons him. He later comes to know about his father’s whereabouts. As compared to earlier lost and found films where the separated brothers or parents and children would meet in the end, here the father-son duo meet within the first 15 minutes of the film and that sets the tempo for the film. But wait, Sunny Paaji can’t take the father-son duo for rehabilitation yet. Gajodhar Paaji has fallen in love with Saheba and poor boy, her brothers have frisked her off to Punjab to marry her off to some NRI. Sunny Paaji offers to help and what follows is a crazy goof ups, laughter, action, comedy of errors and of course romance and emotions as the brothers double up as NRIs and land up at Saheba’s house.

What works for this film is the magical combination of the three Deols and doing what they do best – Dharam with his crazy antics as a conman, Sunny in the role of a gentle giant who can deliver few knockout punches when angry and Bobby as usual romancing the pretty damsel. However, Bobby is a bit let down where expressions are concerned. It’s purely in the second half where he manages to keep shoulder to shoulder pace with the other two Deols. Kulraj Randhawa as Saheba is picture perfect but not her acting. Her five brothers led by the eldest brother (Anupam Kher) is brilliant with his comic timings. It’s however, Saheba’s cousin Pilo played by Sucheta Khanna who stands out with her Canada loving girl act. Her line ‘you’re very impotent’ (read important) which she says to Bobby evokes a good chuckle.

The script is a bit tepid in the first half and even the dialogues lack punches in places. However, the second half sets the tone though it does drag a bit. Camerawork’s good in places and specially where capturing Benaras was concerned. There will be some who’ll be inspired to visit Benaras after watching the film. Less said about the songs the better except for the title track which is taken from Dharamji’s earlier film Pratigya. Here again Dharamji registered his trademark dance steps much to the delight of the audience. Samir Karnik however loosens the strings a bit where direction is concerned. If only he would have avoided extreme close-ups of Dharamji, the age factor wouldn’t have become so prominent. Also if he would have paid a tad more attention to the loose script and had new punch lines rather then some of the cliché Sardar ones used and a bit taut direction, the film would have surely won more eyeballs.

Overall, there are some few moments where your bones are tickled. So if you’re a serious Deol fan, then this film if for you. Kyon ki isme emotion hai… drama hai… romance hai… comedy hai aur trademark Sunny ka action dhamaka hai!

Ratings: 2.5/5