“Toonpur ke vasiyon kaan kholkar sun lo… you are not worth the trouble of being watched by adults!” Toonpur Ka Super Hero is a so-so film that solely rides on the backs of Ajay Devgn and Kajol. India’s first live-action film (for those who don’t know this genre, it’s where real characters interact with cartoon characters in the same film) is supposed to be a children’s film but it surely lacks the wild imaginations of a child in some sequences.

Ajay Devgn plays the role of Aditya, a film star who uses a stunt double for his action scenes. This results in his son not giving him the due respect that he deserves. Aditya, one day gets toonnapped oops kidnapped by the cartoony devtoons and frisked to Toonpur, the world of cartoons. Toonpur is a town which is facing the brunt of the evil Jaagaro and his henchmen, the Toonasurs. The Devtoons want their reel hero to save them from the Toonsurs and bring back some semblance to their lives. This is an ideal opportunity for Aditya to win his family’s affection and respect.

The animation in Toonpur Ka Super Hero though good is however not up to Hollywood standards but keeping in mind the budget constraint, one can oversee that. Ajay Devgn as Aditya stands out and for a change will appeal to the kids. Long regarded as an action hero and then a comedy star, his next fan following will be those kids who watch Toonpur Ka Super Hero. Among the cartoon characters, Guppy most likely modeled on Bappi Lahiri stands out. Less said about the female cartoon characters, the better. The director should have given them subtle assets keeping in mind, it’s a children’s film. The story and script however falls short of gags as well as story line that can keep the children going ha-ha till the climax. Music and direction too are insipid in parts.

But Toonpur Ka Super Hero is supposed to a kiddie film, so might as well send the kids to enjoy the show. Adults can take a walk in the park. The director definitely had the guts to make a film of this genre! Hope the director gets its few moments of fame this holiday season.