Khan’t wait for the film to end! Farah Khan who gave us such filmi masala movies like Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om completely disappoints with Tees Maar Khan. But that’s what happens when you put in unwanted faith in a multi-tasking guy like Shirish Kunder (leaving aside their relationship) who’s credited as Writer, Editor, Producer, Lyricist and Music Director for this film!!! The story plot obviously inspired by After The Fox, a Hollywood production is definitely not going to find that many takers in Bollywood, specially masala movie lovers and the fans of Farah Khan.

Tees Maar Khan is a story of an international con artist played by Akshay Kumar who is assigned the task to rob antiques worth 500 crore from a heavily guarded moving train. To fulfill this con task, he gives himself a new role – that of a movie director and puts together an ensemble casts and crew. Tees Maar Khan then travels to a village which is the point of robbery with his bunch of motley crew. His girlfriend played by Katrina Kaif assists him in the con whereas Aastish Kapoor who dreams of winning and Oscar (played by Akshaye Khanna) is taken on board as a hero of the film. The villagers are schemed into believing that they are a part of the film making. How Akshay Kumar loots the antique off the train and thereafter arrested by the police and his great escape forms the rest of the story.

Akshay and Katrina are back again as a romantic pair on screen for the nth time. But this time, Katrina lets down its audience big time. Akshay too is way below the audience’s expectations. Given the fact that the lead pair has given such huge hits earlier, this movie is something they’ll prefer to brush it under the carpet. The only saving grace would be Katrina’s jawani look as well as the song Sheila Ki Jawani. If the film is supposed to be humorous, then the story and the dialogues are a big letdown as it fails to evoke laughter. The other Akshaye portrays his character with sincerity and stands out in the film. Less said of the rest of the cast, the better. Farah Khan’s direction too is a bit tacky. Music by Vishal-Shekhar is nothing to write about except for Sheila Ki Jawani number which should definitely be labeled as the second best item song after Munni Badnam Huii from the film Dabangg. She should reexamine her previous films to learn where she went wrong with Tees Maar Khan.