Its shor will resonate in theatres

After the thrilling capers of the director duo of Abbas-Mastan, another young team of director duo Raj-Krishna is here to stay and entertain the masses in the genre they are quite familiar with – Mumbai crimes. With 99, the Kunal Khemu and Cyrus Broacha starrer, they followed up their debut with a classic film Shor In The City that is proving that their debut film 99 though not hit at the box office, wasn’t a fluke where its making was concerned. SITC has already created news at some of the international film festivals around the world before being released in India today.

SITC combines three different stories with the din of the Mumbai as its backdrop. The stories though not connected with one another moves parallel as the movie progresses and culminates in one gushing crescendo in the end where the three main protagonists of the three stories comes face to face with each other.

To cut a lot story short, SITC is about Abhay (Sendhil) who moves to the city to start a small business and ends up being harassed for extortion. On the other hand, we have Tilak (Tushar Kapoor), who along with his two friends resorts to conniving ways to make a living including sell pirated books and then one day, they lay their hands on some guns and bombs which they now want to sell at a good price… And then we have Sawan (Sundeep Kishan) who dreams of making it big on the cricketing field by getting into the juniors team. For him the road block is big money that is needed to bribe the officials for a berth in the play eleven. Each of these guys have a girlfriend and each of them need the money to make it big in this big bad world of Mumbai…

Like said earlier, Raj-Krishna are here to stay with their top notch handling of this story that looks at how survival happens in this crazy city called Mumbai. Producer Ekta Kapoor is quickly learning the trick of the trade and backing the right scripts which coincidently has been written by the direction team. After Shootout At Lokhandwala and Love Sex Aur Dhoka, here’s another film from her stable which is out and out far from her run of the mill television serials. Both the screenplay and dialogue (funny at times) stand out except for one minor glitch – excessive use of English which might not gel well with some section of the audience.

Performance wise, every actor shines in his roles including the lead actresses who somehow don’t have much screen time. But then again the film is all about the three men and their antics. Tushar after playing comic roles in the last few films, appears refreshing fresh and in the skin of the character of Tilak. Music is not much to rave about except for ‘Saibo’ and ‘Karma is a bitch’ songs done by the upcoming Sachin-Jigar whose last major hit being F.A.L.T.U. Tushar Kanti zay as the Cameraman has managed to capture the vibrant moods of Mumbai with elegance and Ashmit Kunder has aptly sported him and the director duo with some crisp editing.

Overall, SITC is worth every penny and completely enjoyable. For those who aren’t familiar with the nitty gritties of Mumbai and its criminally inane and chaotic life, watch the film to get a feel of it. It’s rightly said that Mumbai doesn’t sleep and the shor in the city whether day or night, speaks volume about it. Enjoy it!

Rating: 4/5