Phas Gaya Re Obama: Audience Ke Chakkar Mein!

So once again a small budget film with a good storyline and an ensemble cast that does justice to the story, have shown the way how a film should be perceived and made. What works wonders for the film is the sincere and terrific performances by its plethora of characters along with it’s down to earth but cheeky lines. This one’s sure to grab the audience’s attention and it does so, helping them for a change to forget their worries outside the cinema hall.

Phas Gaya Re Obama is a story of an NRI who suffers the wrath of the recession in the Obama ruled Amrikaa and decides to come down to India to sell over the purani haveli and recover some lost ground. Alas that was not to be as the poor NRI is considered to be a rich NRI and get taken piggy back riding all over for a ransom which he can’t afford to pay. He’s first kidnapped by another recession hit Bhaisaab, a lowly criminal boss and then by a bigger gangster than Bhaisaab who buys off the NRI for 30 lakhs from Bhaisaab which unknown to the gangster is shared equally by the NRI and Bhaisaab. Female Gabbar Singh enacted by Neha Dhupia enters the scene followed by the politician/gangster Dhananjay Singh. And the little adventure follows as each gangster trades the NRI to the higher up in the hierarchy party for a sum of money that keeps doubling. The fun just gets better and better.

The characters are beautifully etched, the dialogues sharp and witty and the acting up to the mark. Unlike Apharan which was a serious film on the business of kidnapping, this film looks at it from a comic point of you amidst a serious topic like recession and also keeps the audience glued to its seat or to be precise rolling in it with laughter.

The direction is in sync with the story flow. Its music pleasantly nice here and there and same goes with the narration of the story. Even the camera work and the editing is up to the mark. Overall, a nice enjoyable movie from Subhash Kapoor. Waah re Obama, phas gaya theatre mein!