Oh my gosh!

Oh yes, oh my gosh where is a good comedy when you need one? After super hit No Entry, Singh Is Kingg and Welcome, I was expecting another rib tickling comedy from Anees Bazmee but what I got was a flutter of feathers falling on my face that failed to tickle even a couple of my facial muscles. I guess Anees Bazmee forgot that it takes about 17 muscles to smile.

A statutory warning should be put up before the start of the film saying that leave your thinking caps outside your brains. The plot is bizarre. Two petty thieves find themselves in the good company of a bank manager in a village in South Africa predominantly Hindi speaking (guess the villagers take extra Hindi classes online). They later rob the bank and run away to Durban. The bank manager played by Paresh Rawal chases them but alas the duo has run out of the money. They decide to help the manager return the money by getting him to be a part of their gang in robbing a minister’s house.

We now have a don Marcos who too has his eyes on the minister’s house where diamonds are loaded. But the trio jumps the gun and escape with the loot and poor Marcos gets the boot. He wears the boot, kills the minister and chases the loot. In walks the bumbling inspector Anil Kapoor, a far cry from the Slumdog Millionaire’s role. The prime suspect is the bank manager so no prizes for guessing who chases whom. If the inspector is harried man outside because of the criminals, at him his wife played by Sushmita Sen is a perfect foil for these criminals for she too gets a neat tendency to go for the jugular views of her inspector husband. Woe is me! And so the chase for the diamonds goes on and on by the men. And to say diamonds were supposed to be a woman’s best friend! And finally who gets it, the lovely fishes. Poor guys. Haath ko aaya, muh ko na laga!

Anees Bazmee fans would surely be disappointed in the lack of good plot. The actors for most of the parts are sincere but fail to do justice to their images. The jokes come once in a while. Wonder what Kangana Ranaut’s name was doing in the credits? Oh did I fail to mention her? I must have missed out seeing her in the film.. wait a second, that blonde mind girl at the beach Kangana? Vijay Raj was highly wasted with an extra wee bit of a role and yet superbly enacted. Music didn’t fail to skip past my ears without registering itself. Screenplay dragged on in the second half and direction just about a so-so. Well yaar, No Problem after all, these are all secondary requirements for such high budget comedies, no?

Rating: 1.5/5