Thodi Teeki Thodi Meeti

Adultery is back in vogue and for a change, it’s the women who are taking the steps forward in its direction.  Mirch is a series of four films with a film and has four women protagonists committing adultery and their husbands wanting to catch them red handed.

Mirch is a story of a struggling filmmaker Maanav who through his girlfriend gets to meet a top notch producer to discuss a film. The producer is however interested in a sleazy story as Maanav finds out. He then pitches the story of Mirch to the producer which is a series of four short stories about adulterous women from different eras with adultery the common thread that binds them together.

Both Konkana Sen Sharma and Raima Sen play two roles each in the four stories with their husbands’ role being played by Prem Chorpa, Boman Irani, Rajpal Yadav and Shreyas Talpade. How the women take their husbands for a ride while they seek personal pleasure from other men forms the crux of the four stories. Nowhere does Mirch showcase the women as committing a crime but rather shows them in a positive frame who just wants to fulfill their physical needs.  All the characters stand out with their performances. The story is good and doesn’t speak about morals etc.  Vinay Shukla had the guts to make such a film and shows his talents once again that was last seen with his previous film Godmother.

The direction sometimes though is slack in patches. Songs are simply there for the sake of it. However lyrics by Javed Akhar is good. Saroj Khan’s choreography stands out in the title song.  The film evokes laughter once again in patches and the dialogues are witty in places.  Camera work and the sets are also okay. Overall, this film is worth a view unless the feminist mind revolts against Mirch for portraying all the women characters in the film as having extra marital affairs. Mirch, it’s hot!