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To effectively use the media for your advantage, either you need to be a top notch cricketer or a movie star or for that matter, a hot shot politician! But despite being any of the three classes of men, there still might come a moment when the media might prove to be disadvantage. In such a case, you need to have an effective Public Relations specialist on your side to undo the damage or control the damage done by the media.

Public Relations is all about maintaining a good relations with the concerned community through the use of media in any form. Be it newspapers, magazines, television, radio or the online media which in itself is fast gaining popularity thanks to high penetration of internet across the country and its social networking sites like the Facebook and Twitter.

Orissa which over the years has seen some major investments in the business sector which in turn has set a chain of developments across the state offer ample opportunity for individuals who want to pursue a career in the field of Public Relations. With business, hospitality, tourism and the film industry blooming in the last few years, the time is right to take a career plunge as a PR specialist. Public Relations specialist is a catalyst between the business community and the common man through the perfect use of media. It’s not just the business houses that need a PR person. These days, celebrities and politicians too use media to reach out to a wider audience through a PR person.

A Public Relations job offers a decent salary as well as helps to build up a good rapport with the media. The PR person becomes the face of the business house. While the PR person effectively sends out media releases on a product launch or announcement of some new services or initiatives, he is also liable to use the media effectively in case of some major crisis. Few must have forgotten the Cadbury chocolate worms controversy a few years ago.  Cadbury India was pushed into a major storm when worms were found in some of the Dairy Milk bars across the country. Amid the allegations of poor packaging infrastructure, Cadbury officials revamped the packaging of the chocolate as well as brought in new packaging machinery and accordingly sent out media releases pointing out the new initiatives taken by them for the good of the consumers. This was well thought of PR strategy to gain back the confidence of its consumers. It went a step further and used the living legend Amitabh Bachchan in the follow up commercials which stressed on the fact that it’s safe to eat Cadbury chocolates.  Following the various media campaigns, Cadbury India was back on its track with its sales once again going on the up side and its image once again cleansed of all controversies.

Public Relations is all about using the right form of communications to reach out to the stake holders. Like said earlier, it’s not just about sending out media releases but constantly staying in news. It can be building employee relations using internal communications, training programs, awards scheme and other recreational activities. It can be used for building up investors’ relations, strategic marketing plans for businesses and individuals, marketing healthcare through media releases, managing public affairs etc. With many celebrities constantly staying in touch with their fan base through social networking sites, half of the PR person’s work is already done by the celebrities themselves.

Another branch of Public Relations is CSR or corporate social responsibility which in the current scenario is quite rampant in Orissa. Nearly every major industrial or commercial house in Orissa and in the country at large allocates money and manpower to reach out to society through CSR initiatives. The PR specialist in most cases chalks out the strategy for these initiatives so as to maximize the impact of the CSR activities as well as boosts the brand in the mindsets of the stakeholders.

So if you have the talent in you to write well and strategize plans effectively around the various tools of communications, using any medium be it print media or social networking sites for that matter, PR industry is the place to be. You just need the right education to be a part of this world – a degree in Public Relations or Mass Communications to learn the fine nuances of a Public Relations professional. After all, Public Relations is all about getting free publicity for your client.  The more the publicity, more happy he’ll be.