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Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone. Which of these two sentences wins hands down? It’s all about the laughter and the art of living with a smile. Research has proved time and again that laughter is good for health. A healthy dose of laughter helps the body’s immune system, boosts your energy and sets you going for more. Psychologically, you are relieved of your stresses, helps your body relax and gets you ready to face the world. Doctors frequently advice people to laugh regularly as our brains can make us happier and healthier because of laughter.

While the feel good factor is always there due to regular laughter, it also helps in increasing the blow flow which in turn protects you from heart attacks and other cardiovascular ailments. So a laughter a day will keep heart ailments away. As laughter increases your blood flow, it also leads to burning of calories which is a good sign for overweight people. A healthy laughter towards a healthy living!

One can’t help but notice that those who laugh regularly spread a positive energy around them. Their laughter is contagious and makes us too lead a good and healthy life. Study has shown that such people create special bond and positive relationships with people around him. Laughter most easily is the bandage over hurt and resentment in the real sense. It covers the deep anxiety and fear and the hurt someone or something must have caused.

Also the adage, ‘when you smile, you use just four muscles but when you frown, you put to task 35 muscles. In this case, it’s far easier to smile then to frown. Today, we have lot of laughter clubs across the world and more are mushrooming everywhere each new day. And with laughter, you land up on a completely different plane altogether. The view from there is more positive, brimming with energy, brings out the colorful aspects of the world and also helps you perceive the world in a more relaxed manner. This is one of the easiest and least expensive way to lead a healthy and a happy life. No wonder, more and more feel good comedy films are making it to the theatres. So any takers for a good laugh?