A good witch oops watch!

More over Ramsays, Wilson Louis is taking over the mantle of making pure horror films. With Kaalo after the dud Mallika that he gave earlier, Louis gives you a decent horror film loosely inspired by the English film The Hills Have Eyes that was released way back in 1977 with a couple of remakes years later. Like the villains in The Hills Have Eyes, the ghost of this Kaalo doesn’t believe in working the night shift.

Kaalo is an 18th century dead witch who gets a respite from her grave when some construction workers dig up her grave. Poor guys didn’t realize that all hell would break loose as Kaalo loves young girls for their blood which gives her immortality. After spending a couple of hundred years underground, poor Kaalo is again thirsty for blood of young girls but alas the villagers have deserted her and her lips are getting parched!

In walks a motley bunch of people on a bus which takes a detour through Kaalo’s village and its feast time for her. She now has her eyes set on a young girl in the bus, Shona, a very talkative and cute girl who’s befriended Sameer during the journey. Sameer is on his way back to his village with a sack full of explosives. It’s Sameer’s duty now to save the little girl from Kaalo as well as other fellow passengers who wants to do away with the girl in order to save their own lives. Does Sameer manage to save the girl and kill the witch?

The whole story is unique except for few moments when it looses its tail. Also why would parents send a young 12 year old on a road trip to her grandmother’s place in another village sounds a bit far fetched. The best part is the camera work which often makes even a bad horror film look good. Prosthetics is a bit so-so while direction is okayish and acting by the two main leads Sameer and Shona is good. The climax in the end is a big let down as Sameer easily manages to bump off the witch. This witch was no match for Sameer I guess.

For the lovers of horror films, Kaalo might be worth a dekho so what if there are no really frightening scenes in the dark. Even daylight frightens you at times specially when you are stranded in the midst of a desert and a witch lurking around watching you thirstily.