A Different Take On Scamsters

Tihar Jail is fast become more hip then all the night clubs of the country put together. No, let’s say it’s more like a packed stadium for an IPL match where 30,000-odd crowd has stormed in to watch a proceeding when the stadium capacity is just 20,000! Tihar Jail is overfilled with special guests this time and the only people missing are the cheer girls. This is the place and just one of those places where you can find big hotshot businessmen and top politicians and dangerous criminals, all mingling under one roof.

Thanks to the third umpire Nira Radia’s telephonic decisions, the biggest of all scams came into light and big corporate honchos from the houses of Unitech, DB Group and the ADAG all gave up the cool comforts of their homes, offices and the 5-star luxurious hotels to spend few days in the multifaceted Tihar Jail under the government’s invites. These team members of the infamous 2G Spectrum scam joined their captain A. Raja and other team members to be one with the crowd of their kind on a pitch which is deemed far more dangerous than the Feroza Shah Kotla pitch in the capital city.

The government hasn’t been doling out invites only to the players of the 2G Spectrum team in this IPL – Indian Pirates’ League. Though the 2G Spectrum has been touted to be the biggest of all scam teams, other teams too has been sent out invites that includes the CWG Scam team led by our erstwhile and dedicated sports captain Suresh Kalmadi. His close confidante teammates like Lalit Bhanot and V. K. Varma have already laid out the red carpet for the big man himself thanks to the government initiative of rewarding Kalmadi’s team with full state honours at the Tihar Jail. The captain more or less will make it to the red carpet event in a week or so when he is done with his 8 day of stay with the CBI team who’s kept him under complete observation so that he is fit and fine to prolong his stay at the Tihar Jail to play a long long inning within the confines of the venue, Tihar Jail.

Other then the two strong teams of 2G Scam and CWG Scam led by A. Raja and Suresh Kalmadi respectively, there are minnows teams too who are likely to play long innings in this Indian Pirates’ League. The erstwhile board of CBI (Criminal Bureau of Investigation) had decided to promote the team of the National Aluminum Company chief A. K. Srivastav by including them in the IPL that is ongoing in Tihar Jail. Srivastav merited this promotion on account of the lovely bribery innings he and his team indulged in while playing at the Aluminum company.

Currently with match fixing inquiries going on, it would be interesting to watch which other teams members of these big gunners make it to the final playing members at the Tihar Jail. Keeping the quota system in selection of the players in mind, there are bound to be more of the team members from the South who’ll be heading to Tihar to join their 2G Spectrum team. While it’s captain cool A. Raja has not been demanding any special facilities from the hosts, for him and his team members, it waits to be seen how the grime and the grit, the heat and the sweat keeps him in check.

For the CWG Scam team, the wait for their captain Kalmadi may or may not be a long one depending on the CBI’s observations. But the team and the CWG fans would surely be praying to the almighty god that Kalmadi joins the team at Tihar Jail as soon as possible. After all for the team members to stay together for this Indian Pirates’ League for a long time, the captain’s encourage and support both physically and morally is a much needed thing. And the various ball boys and support staff at the IPL at Tihar Jail could well benefit from interacting with these top notch players and learn a trick or two about the finer points of the game. Like a couple of players from the 2G Spectrum team who other then playing the game of bribery, are good where telecommunication is concerned. Youngsters can learn something from them. Likewise from construction magnates DB Group and Unitech people who too are a part of the same team.

But with all the hoop and holler about this edition of Indian Pirates’ League, it will do good for the anti-corruption bureau to keep a firm check on these and other teams playing the IPL as there is a wide possibility of match fixing and players walking out of the tournament much before it ends through bribes and sharing the spoils. And it’s not just the players who needs to be watched, their support staff too needs to be kept on. After all, they are the ones who in most cases act as a middle man. For this IPL to be a success and last till the last day of the tournament, the government should ensure that every player stays put no matter the pressure from external parties or external board members.