6 releases and mostly misses

Two Fridays this month has passed by and Bollywood saw six films hitting the big screen. While a majority of it tanked miserably at the box office, a couple of the films stood out for its content and it’s the Amole Gupte directed ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ that took away most of the cake that the critics and audience offered.

The month started with two films releasing on the 6th – ‘Haunted 3D’ and the Y-Films’ (Yash Raj Films subsidiary) offering for the youngistan brigade, ‘Luv Ka The End’.  While ‘Haunted 3D’ managed to rake in a decent crowd in the theatres thanks to it being the first horror movie in 3D in India, ‘Luv Ka The End’ kind of repelled the audience from the theatre because of a couple of raunchy dialogues and scenes. Targeted at teens, somehow even they would have found the films unsuitable for them in parts. Even parents with kids must have squirmed in their seats, trying to answer questions that were thrown at them about the film.

Friday the Thirteen proved lucky for ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ and ‘Shagird’ to an extent. ‘SKD’ is an excellently crafted film by the writer of ‘Taare Zameen Pe’, Amole Gupte. With a brilliant performance by all the actors and specially its lead boy Partho (who incidentally is Amole’s son). He is simply adorable in the film and is spontaneous in the role that has been tailor made or tailor written for him. An endearing story, it’s a must family watch if you haven’t yet seen it.

‘Shagird’ on the other hand doesn’t deliver as much as the reputation of Tigmanshu Dhulia is made out to be. The man who gave us the critically acclaimed ‘Haasil’ way back in 2003, failed to live up to his reputation of being a promising director. ‘Shagird’ too might suffer the fate similar to his last film ‘Charas’. But what stands out in this film is some witty one liners by Nana Patekar who once again plays an encounter specialist cop aka ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ albeit with a negative shade. On the acting front, leaving aside Mohit Ahlawat whose dead pan expression through the film is a big letdown, others have more or less done justice to their roles. For those who love the cops and robbers movies with politicians and corruptions thrown in for good measures, can catch this flick while it’s still running.

However, the two other releases on this day reiterated the fact that Friday the 13th can be lucky for some and unlucky for others. Both ‘Ragini MMS’ from the stable of Balaji Films and ‘Love U… Mr Kalakar!’ from the house of Rajshri Films failed to live up to the audience’s expectations. Despite two powerful production houses backing it, the film crashed at the box office. ‘Ragini MMS’ was a challenger to the earlier released ‘Haunted 3D’ but while ‘Haunted 3D’ proved its mettle, ‘Ragini MMS’ failed to do so. The audience too was robbed of some tantalizing moments as they had expected some raunchy MMS clips but instead got some old haggard chudail screeching and screaming. This MMS definitely failed to send the box office soaring.

Looking forward to this week, coming Friday, we have two flicks aimed at the youngistan again – ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama’ and the psychological thriller, ‘404’. ‘PKP’ is a funny take on relationships and how it’s perceived till you actually get into a relationship. ‘404’ is a psychological thriller bordering on the thin line of illusion and reality. Whether the young brigade accepts these two films needs to be seen but ‘404’ has already got some good reviews by those who have been privileged to see the preview shows. Wonder if ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama’ is following the same set story as ‘Luv Ka The End’ as both the title and the tag line sound more or less similar.

And for those who want to escape from the above flicks, Hollywood is the way out with the latest installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ staring lovable pirate Johnny Depp and the scintillating hottie Penelope Cruz attacking the marquee this Friday. Don’t miss this spell bounding cruise of a lifetime…