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2011 has been a splendid year for the team of My Name Is Khan. The film bagged some of the most popular awards for the year 2010, notably the Filmfare Award for the Best Actor for Shahrukh Khan (his 14th Filmfare among others), Best Actress award for Kajol and not to forget, the Best Director award for Karan Johar. That the film was a bigger hit overseas then in India had nothing to do with winning the award. However, it was Udaan that flew away with the most number of awards (seven altogether) winning among others the Filmfare award for the best story, screenplay including the Critic’s Choice award for the best film. 2011 also was privy to the fact that a host of awards were won by small films that had received critical and viewer’s acclaim in 2010.

The 56th Idea Filmfare Awards took place last weekend in Mumbai and was as spectacular as before. However, given its share of controversies, the big question was what merited My Name Is Khan from winning the big three awards when there were other suitable and far better contenders then this film? If earlier in the year Zee Cine Awards held in Singapore  too thought of Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar worthy of the Best Actor and Best Director award for My Name Is Khan, then definitely, the parameters to judge someone for an award has to be scrutinized minutely and if needed, reworked. If not flawed, the winner’s selection definitely reeks of nepotism and thereby causing a worthy actor to loose an opportunity to be in the limelight.

A producer, an actor of high stature like Amir Khan who for years had shunned all Bollywood awards’ functions might have had some reason for his actions. If the absence of an intelligent person like him is so decisive at mega Bollywood awards’ night, then we can only hope for the better in future. Or else, other deserving and good actors and technicians will join the ranks of Amir Khan and boycott the awards functions. The rest can then toss the coin and decide among themselves who keeps which trophy.

Coming back to the recently concluded awards function, 2010 has seen some stellar performances from great actors including Shahrukh Khan in My Name Is Khan. If we had Hrithik Roshan competing with him through his outstanding performance in Guzaarish, then we also had Ajay Devgn competing with Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and a grave Ranbir Kapoor in Rajneeti. Okay, said and accepted that Salman Khan was not up to the mark in Dabangg but did the film really offer him any chance to showcase some of his acting histrionics? But based on popular demand, Salman Khan too got nominated though winning was out of the question. But then you might never know when and in whose favour the award might tilt? After all, Bollywood strives on the glamour and power quotient. It ideally believes in the fact that you scratch my back and I scratch yours. A give and take policy that strives abundantly in the various camp divided Bollywood.

However, given aside a few laidback, there have indeed been some real winners. If Udaan managed to win seven of the awards, it speaks volumes of the jury members who managed to strike a fine balance with sense and sensibility while dishing out the awards. Surprisingly, Kareena Kapoor walked away with the Best Supporting Actress award for We Are Family. Aha, it is a family indeed! What happened to Prachi Desai and her performance in Once Upon A Time in Mumbai? A good counter strike against a film like Udaan andits seven trophies. If Vidya Balan rightly got the Best Actress award at the Zee Cine Awards for Ishqiya, it was Kajol who walked away with the Filmfare trophy. Definitely not tough to decide who among the two actresses was better then the other. The key point would be indeed that despite Dabangg not having much to rave about its story line, yet the film won countless awards running up to the Filmfare awards where too, it was judged the Best film. This no doubt will be the best award given this year, knowing the huge popularity of the film and the number of records that it broke on its way to the top. Popular awards should strike a fine balance on the popularity of the film as well as the character’s portrayal on screen.

Over the years, many popular award winners’ lists have thrown surprises at the audiences. Favorites to win awards have been tossed out of the window and unexpected winners rise and shine at some of these award functions. What role the jury members play to select a winner, the transparency in the nomination procedure, the voting system etc have more often been a closed door activity and who or what or how a decision is made and a winner selected, seldom anything is spoken about all these things. It’s high time, the organizers come up with a more transparent procedure where every individual, every viewer, every Bollywood crazy fan, every actor or a technician vying to be nominated or is nominated gets a first hand idea of every step that finally leads to deciding the winner. Also if neutral jury members who are not affiliated to any of the so called camps in Bollywood are selected, it will do wonders to the real talents that crop up now and then and who give the best to his or her film. Once this happens, then only some sort of credibility will creep back in the awards function. Or else it will be left to us thinking why My Name Is Khan won and not Guzaarish or Dabangg or Peepli [Live] or Band Baaja Baarat or Udaan or Ishiqya or Do Dooni Chaar or Tere Bin Laden or Phas Gaya Re Obama for that matter.