… kyonki break toh banta hai boss!

Yes I deserve a long break… during break think of something appropriate to write about… you guessed it ‘Break Ke Baad’. But then I don’t think this Break deserves any break from my side. I’d rather take a break to have a Kit-Kat! Watcha say?

Danish Aslam, the director of this mindless film desperately needs a break to gain some insights as to where he went wrong with the film. And the break better be long because he’s got a lot of insights to look at. Right from direction to the screenplay, to the music to acting (or lack of it), everything is mediocre or below the line. Kit-Kat baba se gyaan lo Danish and put to perspective what you learn from the baba when you decide to make your next film.

The story of the film that has been portrayed earlier in thousand and one films is your run of the mill stuff. Childhood friends grow up in a western atmosphere with Indian traditional values intact. My my, yeh baad kuch hajjam nahin huii. She’s got a firm head over her shoulder, sure of herself. After all, her stiff plastic doll acting surely helps here. He’s dicey in his thinking or lack of it. She runs away to Australia and he chases after her like a prized pet after a break. Break finish, time to get together. No thrill… no will!!! The only saving grace of the film was the tanned pair of Deepika’s legs sticking out of the shorts. Ouch! And oh yes camera work and the sound. But camera work and sound no maketh a film alone!

High time Imran and Deepika revisited the acting school if they haven’t been there already. Less said about the others, the better as most of the other casts are brilliantly wasted.