Bollywood, they say has an open door policy where relationships are concerned. Here, you don’t have permanent enemies or permanent friends. Same is the case with marriage and love affairs – they crumble at any given opportunity.  Take the case of Shahid Kapoor and his alleged link ups with his co-stars right from his first co-star Amrita Rao to Vidya Balan to Priyanka Chopra, the list goes on and on. Everyone knew he was in a serious relationship with Kareena ‘Bebo’ Kapoor which in the midst of ‘Jab We Met’ went kaput. While Shahid moved on with his alleged linkups, Kareena found a safe haven in the company of a divorcee Saif Ali Khan who had earlier ended his 13-year old marriage to Amrita Singh, the mother of his two children.

Bollywood links up and love-hate relationships have been in existence in Bollywood since its inception. The most controversial case in the earlier days would be the case of yesteryear actress Devika Rani who despite being married to Himanshu Rai, created news when she eloped with her co-star Najam-ul-Hussain. Rai somehow managed to trace her and all was forgiven where Devika Rani was concerned. The couple was back together again.

The original showman Raj Kapoor despite being married to Krishna romanced the elegant late Nargis on and off screen but lost out to Sunil Dutt when Dutt married her. Later on Raj Kapoor tried to find solace in the company of Vyjantimala who in her recent memoir has rubbished any claims of her having had an affair with the late Raj Kapoor. If Vyjantimala denies her alleged affair with the late showman, Hema Malini was candid enough to admit to her brief affairs with Jeetendra and the late Sanjeev Kumar.

Hema Malini marriage to Bollywood he-man Dharmendra was full of high-end drama. Dharmendra was already married to Prakash Kaur and had two sons and two daughters through her. In wake of his romantic link with Hema, Prakash Kaur refused to grant him a divorce forcing Dharmendra and Hema Malini to convert to Islam to solemnize their second marriage.

Kishore Kumar, the evergreen and versatile singer who sang so many romantic and fun filled songs aptly got romantically hooked in real life as well. His four marriages and all to film actresses proves where he got the depth and motivation for his singing. Not surprisingly, his third marriage to Yogita Bali was the short lived one with Yogita Bali walking out of his life and walked in Mithun Chakraborty’s life within a couple of years of marriage.

Mithun too had a turbulent life after marriage when he was alleged to have an affair with the southern siren Sridevi and had secretly married her. However, Sridevi dumped him for good when she found out that he had not divorced his first wife Yogita Bali. She later went on to marry producer Boney Kapoor who already had a wife (whom he divorced after Sridevi’s entry) and two kids.

Even thespian Dilip Kumar had a couple of broken relationships before his marriage to Saira Banu. Kamini Kaushal and Madhubala were the subjects of his desire, having lost his heart to them one after the other. But fate had other things in mind and the relationships didn’t last long.  However 14 years into the marriage with Saira Banu, Dilip Kumar married another woman named Asma which didn’t last long. However, the parting of Dilip Kumar and Asma became fodder for the media. Today, Dilip Kumar is happily married to Saira Banu.

One can’t forget the genius of a man, Aamir Khan who met with his current wife Kiran Rao on the sets of ‘Lagaan’ where she was an Assistant Director. Ironically, his first wife Reena too was a part of the film in the role of a Producer. Call it a catalyst but ‘Lagaan’ proved to be the door for Reena to walk out of Aamir’s life and Kiran to walk in. Aamir divorced Reena in 2002 and went on to marry Kiran in 2005.

Rani Mukherji has been a part of gossip mongers for her close relationship with the Chopra scion Aditya. Rumours have been strong that Rani and her closeness to Aditya Chopra has been responsible for the crumbling of Aditya’s decade long marriage to his childhood sweetheart Payal.

Despite the tag of an alleged bad boy of Bollywood, Salman Khan still gets to romance beautiful girls in real life as well. From various actresses to walk in and out of his life, none can match the high profile relationships with former Miss World Aishwarya Rai (before her marriage to Abhishek Bachchan) and then recently with stunner Katrina Kaif went defunct recently.

Even the big B Amitabh Bachchan was embroiled in extra marital affairs controversies in his earlier days when he was alleged linked to the beautiful Rekha and then Parveen Babi. Rumours have been that her loss of relationship with the Big B had emotionally and mentally drained her which ultimately led to her suffering from Schizophrenia. Amitabh Bachchan had refutably denied his linkage with the two stars time and again.

 But what about his son Abhishek Bachchan’s engagement to Karishma Kapoor that went boom?  Both Abhishek and Karishma were thick friends and their engagement only made the relationship stronger and took it to the next level with the intention of culminating into marriage. But that was not to be when the engagement was called off without any reason given to the media. That both the Bachchan and Kapoor families maintained a dignified silence on this topic as well as cordial relationship after this, only fuelled the appetite of the media for the real reason for the engagement to be nullified.

What makes relationships drift away in a cloud of smoke in Bollywood? There are countless other cases wherein relationships have simply fizzled out. Is Bollywood trying to ape its American counterpart Hollywood where relationships go for a toss at every new turn? With Bollywood resorting to plagiarisms from Hollywood regularly, it would seem its aping Hollywood where personal relationships too are concerned. Like the Hollywood joke goes, when a young boy is asked about his parents, he replies that he has two fathers from first mother’s side and three mothers from his second father’s side. Quite a complicated family history. Hope this complication doesn’t reach Bollywood.