Bittubhai  film chali pom pom pom… band baaja bajega dham dham dham!

What is Band Baaja Baraat all about? Now that’s a dumb question to ask if you’re a quintessential Indian who’s familiar with the typical Indian wedding scene. It’s all about the big day honey! Bittu, our next cute boy next door decides to team up with Shruti the girl next door to open a wedding planner business. So far so good.  If Bittu on the one hand is a bit laid back and lacks a vision, Shruti, on the other hand is brimming with energy, short fused and a no nonsense girl who doesn’t dig Bittu’s overt friendliness. Her vision is to be the best in the business and her motto firmly etched in their partnership deal, “no falling in love with your business partner”. Whatever! Anyways fate has other things in store and she falls for the buffoonery charm of our lovable Bittu. Her business motto suffers at the demands of her torso and poor motto gets flung out of the window. And the dishum dishum (conflict in) of their emotions start …

The movie works well in places and the youths will be able to connect with the lead pair who doesn’t have qualms about meeting in public places including the public bus, eating your idle Indian snacks to discuss the business plans and involve in PDAs (public display of affection) openly when things go right or wrong. The lead pair stands out with their performance specially Anuska Sharma who’s growing as an actor. Ranvir is surely the find of this season and displays spontaneity. He too looks the part of Bittu to a perfection.  The screenplay and dialogues work well and go with the story setting i.e. Delhi. The director has done justice to the screenplay and also pulling out good performances from his casts and mixing light and emotions scenes beautifully.  Camera work is good.  Music is good in parts and the wedding songs specially will keep the coming weddings seasons particularly in North India a musical affair. After all, it’s once in your life that you experience Band Baaja Baraat.

Overall, you can definitely walk in the nearest theatre with your girlfriend and enjoy this peppy fare. Or maybe with your spouse and reminisce how it was on your wedding day!

Rating: 3/5