What’s with the slums and the underworld? Salaam Bombay, Slumdog Millionaire, Vastav, Satya, etc etc and now Allah Ke Banday all have one thing, no let’s make it two things in common – Slums and crime. For some reason, slums and crime seems to go hand in hand and in Allah Ke Banday, even our two main protagonists from the slums nurse high ambitions to scale the ladder of the underworld to unprecedented heights. Business acumen? Any takers??

Vijay (Sharman Joshi) and Yakub (Faruk Kabir) are two young boys who face juvenile prison for a crime they didn’t commit. Facing the torture of the warden, they two plot and get the warden removed from the prison. They then plot to rule the underworld once they are released from the prison. 11 years later, once they are released, they set out to put their plan into action by eliminating their competitions. Somewhere along the second half, a little spice is added in the form of a love story that kind of slows the pace of the film and then the story throws up an unpredictable climax.

As a writer, Faruk Kabir flashes a trace of brilliance in certain sequences. However, overall, the screenplay disappoints a lot. But as a Director, Faruk has made its mark with his debut film. The highlight of the film is Sharman Joshi who so far has always excelled in comic roles be it as Bantu in Style/Excuse Me! or Sukhi in Rang De Basanti or Raju Rastogi in 3 Idiots. Faruk Kabir makes a decent start to his acting career and stands up to Sharman Joshi while Naseeruddin Shah is highly wasted in this film. Atul Kulkarni is sincere while the young Vijay and Yakub are excellent.

Overall, Allah Ke Banday is a sincere effort by first time director Faruk Kabir.